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Call the practice

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Our COVID-19 Safety Policy


Pre-screening Questionnaire

You will be sent a pre-screening questionnaire to complete online or someone from the practice will call to ask some questions. You can also download our medical history form here.

Medical History Form

Arrival Procedure

You must call the practice upon arrival in the car park to alert the team of arrival (Please do not try and walk in without calling as the premises will be locked.


Social Distancing

You will be asked to stand outside the entrance and invited in once the team are ready - Please avoid touching doors. Whilst waiting, please observe social distancing


Taking Temperature

Upon entry, your temperature will be taken. Patients with temperatures above 37.8 ̊C will be rescheduled. We ask that where possible, you do not take paracetamol 6 hours prior to the appointment as this can make the readings inaccurate


Maintaining Hygiene

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser and directed straight into the treatment room by a team member. You will also be asked to proceed to wash their hands prior to sitting in the dental chair. How to Hand Wash How to Hand Rub


Deeper cleans

We are performing deeper and more thorough cleans on our equipment, in our surgeries and waiting areas to ensure you are always safe. These will be performed around your appointments.

If you begin to develop symptoms of COVID before your appointment, such as a high fever or cough, please contact the practice, and stay at home.